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VeracityAI provides professional services, product developments and prototyping in the areas of Data Science, Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning

Computer Vision

NLP and Text Mining

Reinforcement Learning

Operationalizing AI

As an organization dedicated to the commercial application of Data Science and AI, we need to constantly evolve based on advancements in technology, the explosion of data, and the demands of our clients. Our focus is to develop a skill center related to Machine Learning and Cognitive AI applications

Machine Learning

Commercial applications of machine learning in classification and prediction

NLP & Text Mining

Natural language based search and querying, Dialog models--RASA based conversational bots, Text Classification and Categorization, Named Entity Recognition

Computer Vision

Object detection and classification on image data, Semantic Segmentation, Generative Adversarial Networks, Geometric Neural Network

Reinforcement Learning

Applications in gaming and financial markets, Recommendation engine based on RL

Recent research publications

Our focus domains

Focused on key industries to developdomain knowledge assets through partnerships

Banking and Finance

Capital Markets

Manufacturing and Logistics




Client Testimonials

anzyz logo

Anzyz Technologies has a very special, self learning algorith which allows us to do a lot of impressive things with AI.

VeracityAI has been a fantastic partner for us to collaborate with, with their quick turn around times, high precision delivery and efficiency. We find is easy to work with VeracityAI as the delivery teams are highly skilled and keen to work with modern technologies.

Svein Olaf Olsen
- CEO -
Anzyz Technologies AS

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