Data Analytics and Predictive Technologies to propel your organisations growth with VeracityAI, Australia.

Data Analytics - Predictive Technologies to Improve Decision-Making
Data Analytics and Predictive Technologies to propel your organisations growth with VeracityAI, Australia. 1 | Veracity

What will you do when a sensibly premeditated task goes wrong? Without any doubt, many of us have faced such a condition in our daily lives. We just sit back and examine everything that has occurred and try to check the root cause for the problem. We even think about the factors that influenced the situation. It is the easiest form of analysis that we normally use in our daily lives. The same holds correct for organizations that use solutions of Artificial intelligence (AI) or data analytics when faced with a problem of any type.

The last decade has seen tremendous growth in data and its use in the world. In line with this, the need for data scientists and data related professional services has grown exponentially The emergence of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning means that demand is heavily increasing for these professional services around the world, especially throughout Australia and New Zealand, and as the world changes due to COVID-19, we see that their value is more prevalent than ever before.

As per the recent trends, Australian business organizations in Banking & Finance, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Insurance, Education and Healthcare intend to apply Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning to support business analytics. VeracityAI is one such organization, that can help these organizations to apply the right technologies which help them with their data on multiple sources and convert them into simple business information (or products) that guides business decisions.



  1. Banking & Finance – Risk analytics, Customer analytics, Customer segmentation, Contextual relevant hyper-targeted marketing, Mobile banking
  2. Telecommunication – Consumer analytics and segmentation models, Churn prediction, Customer lifetime value, Network traffic demand forecasting
  3. Manufacturing – Process optimization, Workforce allocation and line management, Computer vision for product quality maintenance models
  4. Education – Student Analytics, Interactive chatbots, Virtual reality services
  5. Insurance – Customer segmentation and product design strategies, Motor insurance claims automation, Telematics analytics, Risk profiling
  6. Healthcare – Decision support systems, Computer vision for radiology and pathology, Customer segmentation

Data analytics offer organizations with a deep knowledge of driving factors together with categories of clients, product sales performance, shopping behaviour of a client and some other crucial things. Based on the recent industrial information it is quite evident that these data science services in the Australian region even allows a business to gain a position in new markets.

Given the current global situation, all businesses are challenged with becoming innovative and proactive to keep ahead of the competition and grow their value chain, while having the adapt fast to changes in their respective industries Data analytics permits businesses to gain accurate and truthful insights into different business aspects, using their past trends and data. These analytical services permit organizations to plan for the future and be sustainable in the present situation, by giving them access to true insights, which enable organizations to plan ahead with confidence.

Timely access to relevant business data permits an organization to better prepare and plan for success beyond predictable horizons. Having set up their Australian operations in 2020, VeracityAI specializes in understanding and interpreting insights and information regarding a company in all the areas in their value chain beyond conventional methods.

VeracityAI’s services extends to product development solutions as well, with the latest AI-based technologies. Many of these services are focused at improving the customer experience and issue innovative products to solve the problems these organizations face to get them ready for the future. T\ese These solutions will increase customer acquisition, retention, and profitability. It is often found that companies that adopt Data Analytics and related predictive solutions outperform competitors.

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